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The Arizona Cardinals Badly Fumble Bird City Campaign Video

A new hype video aims to brand the Arizona Cardinals as Bird City football. There's just one problem.

The NFL Draft is Thursday, which means it’s time for teams to release their hype videos. One such sizzle reel is getting noticed for the wrong reason.

Behold, the majesty that is the Bird City video.

With the kind of tension that builds before a major battle or a Logan Paul Pokemon unboxing, the Arizona Cardinals slowly ramp up the drama.

Collegiate standouts will soon turn pro and come to their locker room. You know, earning their feathers and stuff.

They will walk the hallowed halls of a team smack dab in the heart of a town called Bird City. Sadly, it’s called Bird City by the select few doing the marketing push for this campaign and little else. The world has thoughts.

It would have been far more appropriate to title the video The Inside of My Car Is An Oven City, Why Did Anyone Decide to Settle In a Desert City, or The Back of My Shirt Shouldn’t Be This Wet City.

But instead, they call it Bird City. Because the Cardinals have been there since 1988.