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Rob Pelinka, Sean Marks and Russell Westbrook At Summer League Is Giving Off Telenovela Vibes

Lakers and Nets personnel are talking at the NBA Summer League, which is enough to keep the rumors swirling.

Russell Westbrook might be traded from the Lakers. Kyrie Irving may leave the Brooklyn Nets. One thing is for sure though, the people who control their basketball futures are chatting like two dudes discussing their last golf round.

The NBA Summer League is taking place in Las Vegas, which means shoddy defense and good ol’ fashioned basketball chisme is in full swing. 

Here is how things are playing out on Saturday according to Twitter:

Sean Marks and Rob Pelinka, the general managers of the Nets and Lakers, respectively, are carrying on as if they don’t hold the fate of the world (according to two specific fan bases) in their hands.

Marks has a pair of disgruntled stars on his hands in the form of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Pelinka, for his part, has a fairly used Russell Westbrook that was delivered to Los Angeles somewhat defective.

The rumors posit that both franchises could stand a little upheaval to go into the 2022-2023 campaign with improved rosters from a stat sheet and morale perspective.

Not being complete disasters would be a win in either case. So it’s great to see the two talking, but let’s hope they find time to bust out the phones and fire up the ESPN NBA Trade Machine.