Scottie Pippen is letting it all out now. He has a new book coming out and it seems as if he's just blurting things out to make it gain some traction.

Pippen was always well-mannered with a calm demeanor, but that all changed after the release of The Last Dance documentary.

Tired of being portrayed as a sidekick, Pippen is literally making his perspective known to the world in a biography that acts as a potential tell-all.

The latest headline made by the Bulls legend is that Michael Jordan wouldn't have made the 1996 NBA Finals without him.

Before that, he claimed that Phil Jackson is a racist for giving Tony Kukoc the last shot over him in a playoffs game and for gaslighting Kobe Bryant in his book after his tenure as the Los Angeles Lakers head coach.

Pippen's book, titled 'Unguarded,' is a must-read since he will give his take on Jordan, Jackson, and more.