Like many female athletes around the world, Sabrina Ionescu faced rejection and criticism on her road to the WNBA.

She was told that basketball was for boys and that she should 'go play with dolls.'

Her story is too common, with teenage girls dropping out of sports at twice the rate of boys.

Now, Ionescu hopes to promote equality in sports by empowering girls to continue playing despite pushback from naysayers.

She's joining the Dick's Sporting Goods Foundation to donate 15,000 pieces of sports equipment to young girls around the nation.

This summer, a Dick's Sporting Goods truck will travel across eight cities: Boston, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Knoxville, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Washington DC.

The truck has already provided over 20,000 pieces of sports equipment in the last year during two eight-city tours.

With the help of Ionescu, they hope to further the awareness and support for women's sports.

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The 23-year-old hopes she can inspire others to be like her and avoid listening to the critics during the pursuit of their dreams.

Another issue she wants to shed light on is the inequality between men's and women's athletics. This problem became evident when the NCAA men's and women's basketball teams had entirely different weight-room facilities and amenities, obviously favoring the men.

NBA and WNBA stars voiced their discontent, with Ionescu joining names like Steph Curry, A'ja Wilson, Ja Morant, and Kyrie Irving calling for change.

Ionescu came into the WNBA as the most talked-about rookie in recent history. However, an early injury and the pandemic made her debut bittersweet.

Now in her sophomore year, Ionescu is continuing where she left off when it comes to playing ball.

Off the court, she befriended people like the late Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, and Kevin Durant, making her a household name, as well.

Her prominent name will only keep gaining notoriety as she continues to win on and off the floor while inspiring others to do the same.