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YouTube golf sensation Paige Spiranac is a sports media personality who makes headlines for anything she says or does.

Her massive audience on Instagram has continued to grow, reaching over 3 million followers every time she posts her pictures.

This time, though, her Twitter fans made her a trending topic when discussing the best time to play golf.

Spiranac published her thoughts on afternoon golf, simply stating that there's nothing like it, but in her unique style that's made her a hit on social media.

She tweeted, "late afternoon golf rounds."

While many of her followers seemed to agree with her, some made it a point to say that she's missing out on afternoon sports like the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

She, of course, replied in the best way possible, a GIF that entirely describes her mood and vibe.

Do you agree with Paige, or are you more of an early bird golfer?

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