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Never underestimate the fact that we are just a bunch of dumb animals looking to entertain one another. In reality, we’re a couple of genetic shifts away from flinging poop at the wall to see what kind of art it produces.

Enter the milk crate challenge.

It’s the kind of thing that comes at the end of a pandemic when everyone is tired of being tucked away at home. Or, it comes at the beginning of the true apocalypse, signaling our ultimate demise. I’m undecided.

Regardless, the challenge is highly watchable.

And this one gets an encore because it remains the best. 

This dude just had an entire year erased from his memory. Here's to hoping it was 2020. 

Now if you are curious as to the origins of the challenge then, congratulations. You have reached the absolute nadir of your internet spelunking. Please go outside for a walk, but only after I slake that curiosity.

Distractify did a great job of chronicling the viral meme and discovered it took off sometime around August 13 with a Facebook post.

However, I’d like to credit Snoop Dogg with continuing to fan the flames of this hilariously decadent meme. His social media channels are currently a love letter to the challenge and it’s really the only reason to swipe currently.

The challenge should last roughly as long as most people do on the top of these pyramids, so get in your submissions soon. It’s only a matter of time before something more insane goes viral.