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Max Muncy Gets Activated, Proceeds to Annihilate the City of Chicago

The Dodgers slugger returned from the injured list to deliver lessons to the White Sox and their manager.

The Dodgers and White Sox met on Thursday afternoon for what could best be described as night three of an all-inclusive destination bachelor party.

It was just that side of wild.

At one point, Tony La Russa decided to get super cute and walk Trea Turner with two strikes and two outs, bringing on Max Muncy.

Now Muncy had been sidelined as he continued to strengthen a previously torn UCL. Batting .150 with 3 home runs on the season, you could see why the White Sox’ resident curmudgeon would want to pitch to him rather than anyone else in the L.A. lineup.

Spoiler Alert: It didn’t work out.

Muncy was a bit salty about Turner getting walked with two strikes just to get to him, the proverbial easy out. So he had this to allegedly say.

Another great moment came just before the pitch: 

If you happen to believe in a baseball god, you now have proof that he is a benevolent and just baseball god.

The Dodgers went on to punch it out and take a close win in Chicago, 11-9. Muncy chipped in with a ho-hum day for a superhero: 2-5, a double, two runs and a home run en route to 5 RBI on the day.

Next time, take your medicine and pitch to Turner. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and it will be Justin Turner.