Lucha Libre Wrestlers Solve The Anti-Mask Thing

For people entering Mexico City’s Central de Abasto market without a mask, it was immediately clear that they would leave with one.

The problem with this country is that we aren’t utilizing our professional wrestlers in the fight against COVID.

South of the border they’ve discovered that getting people to wear masks is as simple as having lucha libre wrestlers take over the market and enforce the practice with gentle but hilarious urging.

Mexico City’s Central de Abasto market is a renowned epicenter of commerce, moving in upwards of 30,000 tons of food a day. It goes without saying that it’s bustling.

During a pandemic, it’s the kind of place where mitigation takes on a profound urgency. It makes sense that you would want to get creative in the messaging that masks help stem the tide of a coronavirus pandemic that continues to affect so many parts of society.

"Put on a mask!" and "Be responsible!" were the cries at the market as wrestlers donning masks of their own not only urged people without masks but sprayed dissenters down with disinfectant, according to a report from Reuters’ Carlos Carillo.

"We must keep fighting," wrestler Ciclon Ramirez Junior is quoted as saying by Reuters.

"The campaign is so people know they can't stop fighting (against the virus), that they need to keep wearing masks and using gel. This fight isn't over, we've got to give it more."

As reported, deaths in Mexico are inching toward the 200,000 mark. Yet, people are still treating life with a business-as-usual nonchalance.

Masks remain one of the simplest ways to help fight the pandemic as multiple vaccines roll out to the masses.

A video posted to Reddit shows the wrestlers chiding those not wearing masks. One individual, Rafael Gonzalez, explained that he had forgotten his mask that day but was pleased with the initiative, “It’s really good because they are helping prevent more infections.”

They are setting an example that wearing a mask might be optional, but it’s a vital component in the fight against this disease.

“People look up at us and they’re drawn to our masks, and I think it helps to make them more responsible so that we can be an image and help society to become aware that this virus is still very strong,” Ramirez Junior said. “We still have to work hard so that this ends.”

Here in the United States, things are still dire.

About 60,000 cases are being reported a day, a plateau that needs to be addressed as we look to a more hopeful part of the year.

As the country sees the number of deaths climb past 530,000, about half of Americans are not wearing masks when in contact with people outside of their own home.

It’s time to get the AEW roster to step in.