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See What It's Like to Be Logan Paul and Lose $3.5MM on Pokemon Cards

Logan Paul reveals he lost $3.5 million on a great big Pokémon fraud.

The good news is that Logan Paul has a bunch of G.I. Joe cards for his collection.

The bad news, and it’s significantly bad, is that he actually thought he had first-edition base set Pokémon cards in his possession.

The sad fact means he is out $3.5 million. That sensation you’re feeling is nausea.

After revealing he dropped millions on a box of vaunted cards in December, fans went wild with speculation as to their authenticity.

As you can see in the video, the box was indeed filled with fake sets. Instead of Pokémon, Paul had a bevy of G.I. Joe cards on his hands.

Action Network’s Darren Rovell proclaims this to be, “one of the biggest cases of trading card fraud.”

Who are we to disagree?