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You Can Forget About Kyrie Irving Coming to the Lakers

NBA insider Shams Charania moved the juiciest Kyrie Irving rumor to the land of fairy tales.

The hangover from the holiday weekend was just kicking in when Shams Charania stopped by to discuss the NBA lay of the land with Pat McAfee.

The hoops insider was dishing on the latest scuttlebutt when he addressed the Lakers and the ongoing rumors that the team was eyeing a deal to secure the disgruntled Kyrie Irving from Brooklyn.

Well, that might now be fan fiction.

“There's no traction on any type of a Lakers deal for Kyrie Irving,” Charania tells McAfee. “There’s nothing new on that, and I'm not quite sure we're going to see that take place.”

Lakers fans were holding out hope that an absolute mess in Brooklyn would somehow save them from the absolute travesty playing out back at home.

Los Angeles took dysfunction to a high art last season with Russell Westbrook being the square peg being rammed into a round hole.

While things are chaos with the Nets, Brooklyn isn’t about to just give away a star player in Irving. And Los Angeles would have to have reservations seeing how things have played out with the enigmatic guard.

So, it would seem, fixing everyone’s problems isn’t so easy.