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Langston Galloway Leaves NBA Announcers Speechless

The Brooklyn Nets guard isn't exactly a household name, apparently.

Galloway, Langston Galloway.

Known to family and friends, the Brooklyn Nets guard remains somewhat anonymous to NBA announcers when he drained a three in the second quarter against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Covid protocols have drained rosters of talent. Guys who wouldn’t normally play heavy minutes are suddenly getting major time in nationally televised games.

So when Galloway hit a three, it made some sense that the broadcast team would get a massive brain fart.

It’s their job and all to know every player on the roster. Galloway has played in four games this month, logging 14.6 minutes per contest with a nice 2.3 plus-minus when he’s on the court.

He might not be a household name. But the dude has played in 449 games in his career. Maybe after this video we'll all remember his illustrious career.