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Kyle Schwarber’s Home Run Derby Cleats Are Dominating the Field

When it comes to the shoe game, there are these fire Kyle Schwarber cleats and then there’s everything else.

If it seems like Philadelphia Phillies slugger Kyle Schwarber has a little extra juice during the home run derby, you might want to peep his shoes.

Seen as one of the favorites to take down annual derby champion Pete Alonso, Schwarber will be rocking some of the sweetest cleats in the game.

The All-Star made sure to hat tip Philadelphia with skyline and liberty bell. But things really come together with nods to Dodger Stadium and its iconic pavilion and palm trees.

L.A. is the spot for cleat game, which really hit a high note at the futures game.

The 2022 Home Run Derby kicks off on Monday night with one of the more promising fields in recent memory.

From the futures games, which had some bad, bad cleats to the big event on Tuesday, the drip is real from the hat to the floor.