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Klay Thompson Clutches Pearls Over Celtics Fans’ Profanity

The Warriors star would really enjoy the Finals more if Boston would just stay classy.

My word. Never in the history of a sporting event have we ever fathomed that expletives would rain from the rafters like confetti after a win.

In what is a complete surprise, alleged profanities were said to have been egressed from the unlikeliest of places, the very mouths of Boston Celtics fans.

Here is Klay Thompson, a devout man of manners, breaking it all down.

It seems that no amount of Splash Brother's prowess can dilute the salt after suffering a Game 3 loss, 116-100.

Hopefully, things get more sophisticated once they head back to the Bay Area, which is when the Golden State faithful will welcome both teams and applaud a rousing triumph of sportsmanship.