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Either feeling the effects of soured egg nog or wanting a bit of attention, Josh Hart had some trash thoughts on what is an otherwise holiday classic.

That right there is some figgy pudding nonsense.

The entire plot of “Home Alone” surrounds a family taking an ill-advised Christmas jaunt to Florida when budding evil genius Kevin McCallister is left at home.

It’s there that he makes merry with cardboard cutouts, goes shopping for a toothbrush, finds the power of friendship with an elderly neighbor and defends his home from would-be burglars.

You know. As one does.

Anyone with a pair of eyes notices right away that it’s quintessential holiday fare, even down to classic music.

After being lambasted by the internet, the New Orleans Pelicans player walked things back just a bit.

Whatever, “Home Alone 2” is another classic and features perhaps one of the greatest toy stores in moviedom as well as a limo scene with a piping-hot cheese pizza.

Josh Hart needs a hug.