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In Defense of Padres Rap, the Worst Thing to Happen to Baseball and Perhaps Sports in General

A group of Padres fans dared to look into the soul of the country and declare “That’s what’s In.”

The Padres rap, prose carefully grouped in rhythmic patterns to invoke melodious beauty in one's ear canals, has a longer version on the internet.

Yes, that video that had you coming away thinking, wait, so that’s what’s in, now has a longer cut that will have you happier than Joe Musgrove’s Q-tip.

Any great artist pushes the envelope of what society deems not just creative but acceptable. The creator pushes the boundary like a previously immovable edifice, furthering what is attainable by future generations.

And isn’t this what has been done here? Isn’t Pad Squad (I didn’t have time to look up the group's actual name) merely acting here as a musical Fernando Tatis Jr., moving the discourse from what is merely accepted to what is now possible?

On second thought, it could also be trash.