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Pour One Out for Halo 3 As You Watch the Final Game Played on Xbox 360 Servers

Poignant video claims to be the very final game of Halo 3 played on its original servers.

Anyone with an Xbox 360 also has in their possession fond memories of Halo 3.

The servers that ran the online component of the game were shut down on Thursday, bringing to an end a proud era for the massively popular first-person shooter.

As noted, the game itself does have a newer iteration thanks to the Master Chief Collection. However, those who wanted to relive the glory of 2007 gaming had until this week to bask in nostalgia.

YouTube channel Generalkidd posted the following video that claims to be the very last game played on the Halo 3 Xbox 360 servers.

The match is played on Snowbound as two teams play to the tie. While they wait a final five minutes the host states, “This feels like a countdown to the end of the world.”

Finally, the iconic baritone voice comes in to proclaim “game over” with one final and iconic flourish.

Fare thee well, Halo 3. Your original version will be missed.