We May Live Long Enough to See Skip Bayless Go Full Judge Judy

FS1 is toying with a very stereotypical Skip Bayless show.

You just knew it would happen. From the very moment that Skip Bayless spawned a legion of ranting heads spewing one opinion after another on daytime sports programming that he would find himself again at the zenith, looking down on us all like some sort of 69-year-old Zordon.

In a Front Office Sports exclusive, reporter Michael McCarthy reports network FS1 is mulling a new show for hot-take-haver-in-chief, Skip Bayless.

The behind-the-scenes discussions center around a new show that would combine the jurisprudence of a daytime family court show with the incessant ramblings of a sports opinion program.

The headline figure would be Bayless as he presumably sits in judgment of pundits as they do their best to convince his honor of their best take of the day.

McCarthy explains these discussions are initial and nothing has been finalized but a show that would spotlight Bayless further makes perfect sense.

The former ESPN “First Take” star has seen his brand fizzle in recent days. FOS quotes an unnamed source who states, “This is about Skip trying to keep up with Stephen A. (Smith). He still thinks of himself as the Debate King — but their competition isn’t even a competition anymore.”

For Fox Sports, there is pressure to show that it was wise to re-sign Bayless to a recent contract that will keep him at the network for four more years to the tune of $32 million.

As FOS points out, this kind of “Judge Judy”-type show would allow for them to create an inexpensive show, one that has proved to be popular in format—if it leans towards an over-the-top “Around the Horn.” It also allows them a platform to cultivate the younger talent at the network.

With that said, the notion of Bayless sitting in judgment as pundits give their most ridiculous thoughts on the news of the day is just begging for controversy and healthy amounts of eye-rolls from the social media jury. The last thing we need in life is an even more exaggerated version of Bayless.

As for when to expect a Judge Skip show, this all seems preliminary. But if it seems like an excessive idea and it involves Skip, chances are good we will see it shortly.