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Fake Klay Thompson Banned For Life, Regrets Nothing

Fake Klay Thompson finally dropped the video of him reaching the Warriors' court and shooting shots before getting escorted off.

Kirkland Brand Klay Thompson will no longer be a fixture in the Golden State Warriors’ stands.

But, according to the faux NBA star himself, getting banned for life was worth it.

SF Gate reported on Monday that YouTuber Dawson Gurley, known by Warriors faithful as Fake Klay for sort of kind of looking like the famed Splash Brother, had been served papers by the organization suspending him from stepping foot into the Chase Center.

The reason was simple: he walked through security and shot a few shots on the court.

According to SF Gate, the team decided to drop the hammer on the content creator because he, “impersonated a Warriors player in a deliberate attempt to access unauthorized areas within Chase Center.”

Here is a letter Gurley shared to social media:

Fake Klay sightings are the stuff of legend in the Bay Area. He’s kind of like Bigfoot but more willing to pose for pictures.

But now he will have to literally distance himself from home games. Whether this was worth it isn’t even a question to Gurley.

Sometimes in life, you just have to shoot your shot. It’s easier to do that if you look like someone famous though.