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Dodgers Collect Final Infinity Stone, Freddie Freeman to Sign With Los Angeles

Freddie Freeman leaves the Atlanta Braves for the Los Angeles Dodgers and things are bright in Hollywood.

After what seemed like the duration of a Tom Brady retirement, Freddie Freeman finally decided on his next destination. It will be like coming home.

As reported by droves of reporters who were tried of refreshing Twitter over the last week, Freeman has decided to sign with the Los Angeles Dodgers for six years, $162 million.

The reactions ranged from hilarious to [clutch your pearls] “Oh, my word that’s quite the lineup.”

Freeman is what we call in the business extremely talented. He owns a 28.1 war since 2016, was the MVP in 2020 and is just an all-around class act. Not that any of that should make the Dodgers any bit lovable.

They now join recent Matt Smith characters and Kanye West’s shower thoughts as the most vitriol-inducing things on the planet.

Their roster, which is ridiculous, now boasts four former MVPs—although some are longer in the tooth than others: Freeman, Cody Bellinger, Mookie Betts, and Clayton Kershaw. 

Freeman, who has a home in Corona del Mar and was born in Fountain Valley, will return to Southern California for the twilight of his career. 

He will do so with a not-too-shabby amount of protection in the lineup.