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Could Goldeneye 007 Be Coming Back?

It certainly looks as if the 1997 classic is being reissued for Xbox, and here is the latest.

The year is 1998. Your friends are over and you're waiting for your mom to order pizza delivery. Your friends brought extra controllers. You're trying to choose the game mode, and 'that one friend' is insisting on 'slappers only' on "license to kill" mode. A few hours later, all your friends are angry at each other but you have all continued to play, choosing "facility" and gathering numerous kills in the bathroom.

Well, the year is now 2022, and millennials and the like will soon be able to relive their late 90's memories nostalgia. Hopefully, it will be available in updated visuals and graphics. All played on Xbox. It started with a leak.

Nothing Official

So far it is strictly an unofficial leak. There have been no official releases and so far the game companies Rare and Microsoft (Microsoft now owns Rare) have been quiet. Based on the screengrabs there are no details as to whether the game is a remake, remaster, or rerelease. The achievements are also different from the canceled GoldenEye 007 remake that leaked in 2021. 

A remaster or remake would be the best choice. The graphics from a 1997 game would not hold up well, especially in HD or 4K gaming systems. People forget that before the advent of multiple joysticks on a controller (as Nintendo 64 did not have) the aiming controls were controlled with buttons you had to hold to turn the aiming and player around.

Why Goldeneye 007?

2022 marks 25 years since Goldeneye's official release (dear me, are we that old?) It would be a perfect symmetrical time for a release of one of the most celebrated video games on the Nintendo 64 system. Goldeneye 007 is considered a landmark moment for first-person shooter games. Before Goldeneye 007, first-person shooters were mostly reserved for PC gaming and were much simpler in design. It was a game one could play in 'spray and pray' style or as stealthily as possible. It had a linear plotline and some of the most inventive weapons for its time. It also was the third best-selling game on the Nintendo 64 system behind Nintendo's flagship Mario games, Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64.

Xbox Only?

The question being asked by many is why is this leaked as an Xbox-only game when it was a Nintendo game? That's because Rare is now owned by Microsoft. When this release becomes official, it stands to reason that both companies will find a way to make it playable on multiple systems, as it will certainly help sales.

What Nostalgia Factor?

In the 25 years since Goldeneye 007's release, the entire landscape of gaming has changed. In the modern-day, anyone can log in to their game system of choice and play a first-person shooter like Call of Duty in a multiplayer setting. These days, players play online against a few teenagers shouting every curse word they just learned, playing alongside a banker playing hooky in Zurich, and a father just blowing off steam while being a stay-at-home dad. (There is no self biographical description in that sentence. Trust me.) Before the days of online gaming, the way you played multiplayer, first-person shooters, was to have people over. People bonded with their friends or frenemies at their house, and nobody could accuse anyone of cheating using some online subversion of the rules. This isn't to say gaming was better, because it absolutely wasn't. It was just different. With all of that said, bring us that nostalgia, Microsoft.

Also if you use Oddjob on multiplayer, you will not be allowed into my house.