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Carlos Rodón Takes Out Teammate In Most Giants Way Possible

The Giants pitcher needs to learn some breathing techniques or something.

Giants pitcher Carlos Rodón didn’t have the greatest of days – and neither did his team. But Rodón’s frustrations with the game and the state of the Giants in general, led to the kind of oops moment teams work very hard to avoid. If there’s a “you don’t do that” everyone can agree on in baseball, it’s about taking your frustration out on the equipment, especially when your teammates are close enough to bear the brunt.

But that’s exactly what Rodón did, a couple of times, with the second one culminating in the kind of video you don’t want your team to star in. The first came after surrendering a two-run home run in the top of the second inning. Pitchers typically get in their heads in moments like this, and Rodón certainly did, slamming his glove on the dugout bench. No harm no foul, right? Wrong, because three innings later, Rodón came into the dugout and kicked a bat that ended up hitting second baseman, Thairo Estrada.

Rodón apologized right away and took full responsibility in his post-game comments. His manager, Gabe Kapler, seemed to give him the benefit of the doubt, indicating the team would work with him to make sure nothing like this ever happened again. But Rodón’s reaction and the general state of the Giants lately don’t exactly inspire confidence. The 7-3 loss left the team under .500 for the first time all season, having lost the last six games in what feels like the worst possible time.

It’s quite a momentum change for a team that had ended the first half of the season playing pretty well, and looking like they might be a contender for the NL Wildcard. Now, with the Giants unraveling and the trade deadline approaching, the question the team will have to answer in the next few days is: do they really have what it takes to compete this season, or is it time to give up? And, if the Giants are throwing in the towel, does that mean Rodón himself could be traded?

Either way, don’t lose your temper in a way that could hurt your teammates is a basic rule that applies not just to baseball, but to life. It’s just that, in baseball, there are a lot more cameras ready to catch you at your worst and make sure you don’t forget.