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Braves Are So Meta, Truist Park To Open Virtual Doors

In a league first, the Atlanta Braves will premiere a metaverse experience to its fans.

The only thing cooler than going to the ballpark is not going to the ballpark.

According to social media, the Atlanta Braves are bravely stepping into the virtual world by bringing their famed confines to the metaverse.

Sports Business Journal’s Erik Bacharach reports the MLB franchise is offering some cool options to those who want access to their teams with VR goggles slapped on.

An MLB First

As Bacharach reports, this is a first for an MLB team and perhaps a sign of things to come across the league. For the moment, Atlanta fans are promised something that aims to be as immersive as gaining entry to the real thing.

SBJ spoke to Braves President & CEO Derek Schiller who is excited to offer this next-tier opportunity for their more cutting-edge fans.

“The goal is to create a really impressive, immersive fan experience for a subset of fans that really are clamoring for this right now,” Schiller told SBJ. “You have people out there that are avid Braves fans and also happen to understand what the metaverse is and what this type of digital experience might be like. So now, to be able to provide that to them, it’s extremely exciting and is going to open up a world of possibilities for us and our brand and, hopefully, the broader sports community.”

The report is understandably skim on specifics. This is something being teased at the moment but reading between the lines is a promising enterprise.

Fans can follow along at the link: A first-look experience is scheduled for April.

Among the things in the works are performances, meet-and-greets, and exclusive content. What that looks like will go a long way to determining the success of the virtual world and its potential with sports like MLB.

Some virtual cards or perhaps exclusive NFT giveaways would be nice. But bringing the fans something they wouldn’t be able to do in real life would situate a meta MLB experience as a staple for years to come.

Imagine taking cuts at home plate or being able to call some of the Braves’ most iconic plays from the booth. There are endless possibilities that would separate this from novelty and make it something that would enrich the ties the team has with its fans.