4 Of the Greatest Athletes Just Launched A Pretty Awesome Platform

TOGETHXR launches thanks to Alex Morgan, Sue Bird, Chloe Kim and Simone Manuel. And it comes at the perfect time.

Women are remarkably underrepresented in sports. And that’s putting it mildly. To rectify a modicum of that, four superstars just launched a platform that will highlight some of the best athletes in the world.

Alex Morgan, Chloe Kim, Sue Bird, and Simone Manuel have just announced the launch of TOGETHXR, a platform that is dedicated to representation and equality.

Its website explains, “we shatter the often-narrow depictions of women in the media with content featuring a diverse and inclusive community of game-changers, culture-shapers, thought leaders, and barrier breakers.”

A publisher that is by women and for women doesn’t just fill a void, it addresses an issue that has become an accepted byproduct of a myopic industry.

As Glamour stated in 2019, women make up 40% of sports participants but constitute a paltry 4% of media coverage.

Rectifying that disparity takes all of us to be far more concerned with telling great sports stories from underrepresented communities. And in so doing you discover that we have been missing out on some of the most enthralling tales that still need to be told.

The New York Times profiles TOGETHXR’s launch and reports one of the first pieces of content from the platform is a digital docu-series on budding star boxer Chantel Navarro.

The power of getting these stories more into the mainstream is immediate and obvious. Morgan tells the Times how her walls were literally devoid of female inspiration when she was growing up.

“Growing up I didn’t have posters of female athletes, which wasn’t because I didn’t watch sports,” Morgan tells the Times. “I just didn’t know enough about female athletes to put them on my wall and idolize them.”

There is plenty to idolize just on the masthead with Morgan the captain of the U.S. Women’s National Team, winner of a World Cup and Olympic gold Medal. 

Bird is a four-time WNBA champion and the heart of the league. Kim is nearly a superhero, defying gravity in the halfpipe to the tune of five X Games titles and a 2018 Olympic gold medal. And fans certainly know Manuel from her dominance in the pool, winning four Olympic medals, including two golds.

But sports is just a section of the new platform. The four athletes are putting their passion and leadership into something that will tout lifestyle, culture and the empowerment that comes from putting that all on display.

As we maneuver an increasingly cognizant landscape, a nation that is getting used to its social justice misgivings, it’s important for publications to address the issues that affect its readers.

“There is more conscious investment and viewership, engagement is growing, cultural rhetoric is there and the significance of these women using their platforms to literally affect political and cultural change is at a fever pitch,” Jessica Robertson, TOGETHXR’s chief content officer, told the New York Times. “And this brand is coming alongside or maybe just behind that movement.”

Now is the perfect time to lean forward and tell the stories that deserve to be told. And it’s a beautiful sight to see such stars do their part to ensure this happens.