Adrian González’s Man Cave Is A Sports Collector’s Dream

Five-time MLB All-Star Adrian González shows off some of the astounding sports memorabilia he’s collected throughout the years.

Unless you’re Max Muncy reading this, none of you will ever know what it’s like to be a first baseman playing for teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Thankfully, we get some semblance of what we might collect over a successful career in the bigs.

Former Red Sox, Padre and Dodger Adrian González walks us through some of the more intriguing items in his man cave.

A Beautiful Gesture

Welcome to the avenue of a job well-done. González played for five teams over 15 years, being one of the sports more consistent first basemen over that duration.

He batted .287, garnering 317 home runs and 2050 hits. He also won four Gold Gloves and two Silver Slugger awards.

And you can see them in this video, along with a couple of priceless collectibles.

“Basically, in 2012, I got to play for the Red Sox and the Dodgers. Both were historic years, for both franchises,” González said. “Red Sox, it was the one hundred anniversary, Dodgers it was the fiftieth anniversary. So, I kind of played in 150 years of tradition.”

As for the flag he has in his man cave, that holds a special meaning: “And the same year the Red Sox were amazing. They flew this this flag over the Capitol in honor of the birth of our first daughter, Brianna Bell.”

Sweet Shoes And Rare PlayStation

I often wondered, what do you get when you grace the cover of a sports video game. Sure, you get the immediate street cred that comes with being good enough to be the man on the cover, but what else?

Gonzalez walks us through it all. Just after showing off his sweet Nike Mexican Heritage cleats, he dives into a custom PlayStation box.

“This is when I was on the cover of MLB, the show 2012 playing for the Red Sox,” González said. “This is a little gift they gave me. You got the wall mural. You have the PlayStation covered with my signature on it.”

You also have something every single guest to your home will be jealous over for the rest of time.

A Giant Little League

Imagine being a professional athlete, being able to go back and scroll through all of your accomplishments and flowery praise previously heaped upon you.

González has that, in pristine tomes that he can pull out and flip through. He also has a nice hat tip from the people that know a thing or two about world records.

“This one is one of the ones I'm most proud of,” González said. “It's the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest little league in the world.”

A non-profit picks out a winning team every year who then gets to come out to hang out with González for the day at a Major League ballpark.

Quite the Collection

Bat racks and a Ted Williams signature. González has a near museum in his home, which includes a signed ball from the greatest hitter to ever live, Ted Williams.

As the former first baseman notes, Williams was part Mexican-American on his mother’s side. May Venzor worked for the Salvation Army at the time and would often volunteer in Tijuana, Mexico.

And then there’s his bat rack, festooned with lumber used by the likes of Barry Bonds, Vladimir Guerrero, Justin Morneau and David Ortiz.

And you have to love the Russian nesting doll. Some say the very adorable Dustin Pedroia is living there to this very day.