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Admit It, Your March Madness Bracket Is Busted

A perfect NCAA Tournament bracket is now rare indeed.

March Madness has been a slaughterhouse.

March Madness is always a slaughterhouse. It sort of goes hand in hand with the whole “madness” aspect of the NCAA tournament.

Perhaps mixed with folks’ expectations of an abundance of upsets with confidence in, I don’t know, certain schools hailing from Iowa, meant that nearly all of the brackets out there are blemished, scathed, banged up.

That’s after all of a few games. Come on, America. You’re better than this.

It’s been a busy day with No. 11-seeded Michigan upsetting the sixth seed Colorado State, 75-63. But the big one of the day so far was well regarded Iowa falling to Richmond, 67-63.

It’s not unusual to see a five seed bow out so early, but Iowa was getting some love from the pundits for a potential deep run.

Now they are gone, swept off the mat. Much like so many brackets.