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UCLA Quarterback Chase Griffin Takes the Ultimate Taco Taste Test

UCLA Quarterback Chase Griffin dives into some of the best Los Angeles has to offer when it comes to tacos.

UCLA Football’s Chase Griffin knows a thing or two about good food.

The senior from Round Rock, Texas, has some Trojans to slice and dice in the coming days. But he made time to stop by the En Fuego House in Bel Air to sample some of the best, and as it turns out not so best, tacos from around the Los Angeles area.

Griffin and Davie Dave take some local taco haunts through their paces: Pinches Tacos, Leo’s Taco Truck and Sonoratown are on the table figuratively and literally.

The Bruin is right at home. While matriculating to Westwood from Texas, he does have a bit of history with the area.

“I was born at UCLA Santa Monica Hospital,” Griffin tells En Fuego. “However, I did grow up in Texas, but always wanted to play for the Bruins.

“And when I got here, I was like, man, I got to commit. And then also now that now that NIL (name image and likeness) has become a possibility. I've been honored to be named the NIL Male Athlete of the Year.”

Griffin has worked hard on and off the field. He is determined to not only make his team better but leave the institution with a bolstered brand thanks to a new opportunity afforded to collegiate athletes.

As he mentions, he won the top NIL prize for male athletes. And it’s thanks in part to his work that he’s done with such brands as Degree, Shell, Discord and Boost Mobile.

“I think I built a name and reputation and a brand not really anticipating NIL but more just thinking about, well, 40 years after UCLA, how do I want my name to be remembered,” he continued. “What network do I want to create? What relationships do I want to build?”

For his taco taste test, Griffin shows an insatiable appetite and a kindness, even for tacos that might have stayed a little too long on the grill.