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Yo, 'This Fool' Is Funny Though

Watching Hulu's "This Fool" is probably the best decision your punk ass can make right now.

“This Fool” is funny.

Whether you’re talking about the fool who has codependency issues or the fool who just got out of the joint, you aren’t wrong.

The new show streaming on Hulu is a glimpse into the life of a man named “Julio.” The rough brushes of bullying have smoothed his exterior. Now he kind of just slips through life in the most hilariously frictionless manner possible.

The butt of every joke, Julio is also very much at home in 2022. His cousin Luis, played by the hilarious Frankie Quinones, isn’t.

That fool is still stuck in 2005, when he ran the neighborhood and used “gay” as a catchall slur for anyone who wasn’t cool, masculine, or just as down as he was.

By the end of the first episode, “A Storm Is Coming,” it’s clear that the same kind of outdated notion isn’t played for laughs in the same way it would have been 20 years ago. Instead, Luis is the one who needs to reform his thinking and do some catching up.

But it’s Luis’s lack of filter and ability to say what immediately comes to his head drives a lot of the humor. “Actually they have Uber in prison,” he tells his cousin. “His name is Thumper, and if you give him a pack of cigarettes, he’ll carry you around.”

Quinones lights up a show that so nearly makes its characters into caricatures. The laughs come from circumstances that are only mostly ridiculous: Is the tarp securely placed on the roof? Those dudes in the front certainly look like thugs. Getting reformed means making bomb-ass cupcakes.

As with any good show, the laughs come from truth. From Homeboy Bakery to putting up your own roof, the backdrop of the show is certainly important. But it’s the soul of the show where there’s real promise. 


It takes on machismo, mental health, happiness, and the very nature of humor. And it delivers it with the candy coating of a Saturday morning cartoon. It’s that effervescence that makes it captivating.

Not that this is anything your kids should watch. This is an adult comedy, and the kind that is as relaxing as a backyard barbecue with tortillas warming and a beer cooling in your hand.

By the end of the first episode, I was sold on the premise. Two mismatched homies who were fated to hang thanks to them also being primos.

One of them is a fool out of the joint; the other is a sensible adult who can’t help but play the fool. Their chemistry is undeniable. The laughter is constant.

“This Fool” brings the vitality and problems of the neighborhood and delivers it with the kind of delicious comedy that makes it a binge-able commodity.

“This Fool” is streaming now on Hulu.