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When Fandoms Collide: Steph Curry Meets BTS Member Suga

Now that's a surprising and amazing combination.

Sports is, in many ways, the biggest fandom of them all. And BTS is a worldwide phenomenon, with one of the largest fandoms in existence. So, of course, seeing the two come together is a big deal, particularly when the sports “fandom” is represented by one of the NBA’s biggest stars, Steph Curry.

The meeting, which has the internet abuzz, happened today, as the Washington Wizards prepared for a preseason game in Japan. But it wasn’t a chance meeting, or at least, it didn’t come out of nowhere. There’s Twitter background, because of course there is. We do live in the age of social media.

It all started when Suga posted a picture on Twitter, wearing a custom Warriors jersey. Curry then responded with a message that left fans anticipating the meeting: “See you soon.” And then it all came true, with the two superstars getting a chance to meet at the Warriors' practice. And Curry was, of course, not the only member of the Warriors who got a chance to meet Suga, with Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala and Klay Thompson also getting in on the action.

When you get a chance to meet a member of BTS, you take it. No matter who you are.

The story ends with a smile – or a selfie, and Suga walking away with a signed jersey. Well, that, and fans on Twitter absolutely losing it at seeing two of their favorites come together. There’s nothing quite as fun as when two things you love collide. Especially when it’s two things you didn’t think you’d ever get the chance to see together. Maybe Suga will bring the Warriors good luck going into a new season?

The Golden State Warriors are set to open their preseason Friday against the Wizards at the Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo.