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Hits and Misses From The Top 6 Sneakers of 2022 So Far

Sneaker fashion has been a cultural touchstone since the mid-80s and in 2022 it appears that has come full circle with some of the designs.

I wanted to highlight some of the most popular sneakers of 2022. I didn't want to just give my favorites, so some might not be my vibe but you do you. 

Brain Dead x Oakley Factory Team "Flesh"

Apparently, shoes that look like you took a piece of fabric, glued it to a shoe, and then microwaved it for as long as it takes to say "air cake batters" are all the rage. The "brain dead" title may be a little on the nose for me to be honest, but these are a big release in 2022.

Nike Hot Step Air Terra

I wanted to like the cleanliness of these shoes. I really did. But if I wore these signature Drake shoes to the court, I'd get roasted. These shoes look like they're standard issues at the hospital. These "Nike Air Grandma's" should come with a set of hard candy. They're definitely original. Werther's original.

Union x Air Jordan 2

Okay, these are cool. Union and Jordan Brand’s latest project was supposed to drop last year, but supply issues slowed down the release. The concept of the shoe is centered around the idea of time. It shows. These shoes look brand new but also worn and like they could have been from the mid-90s. The colorway on the right looks similar to a patina. The bottom is a bit thick, but these shoes would look good with shorts or pants.

Air Jordan 1 High ’85 ‘Georgetown’

You can't go wrong with the shoe that changed everything. I'm a sucker for the Georgetown blue as an aesthetic anyway, but these shoes work on an NBA historical level, too. Michael Jordan broke the hearts of Georgetown and their fans in 1982 to give UNC the national championship. This team also had Patrick Ewing. Jordan also gave Ewing the business during their NBA careers. This shoe design is just too iconic not to be fire anytime it has a new release.

Adidas TMAC 1 LeBron SVSM PE

I love these shoes. I'm a little annoyed here because they remind me of the Kobe Bryant Adidas that weren't appreciated enough in their time. They also remind me of the original Team Jordan shoes that I wore until the soles fell off. Tracy McGrady is an underappreciated player and these shoes are so clean.

Nike Kobe 6 Protro “Mambacita Sweet 16”

Did you expect anything else here? I hope you did not. These Kobe Nike's are a tribute to Kobe and his daughter Gigi. Their jersey numbers on the lateral heel and a Mambacita logo stamped on the heel counter pay perfect tribute to our late heroes. Bryant's low-cut sneakers have always looked good in any fit. These are no exceptions. The shine on the colorway gives a snakeskin look that looks perfect. We almost lost Kobe Nike shoes forever, but I'm glad to have them back.