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Yo, The New Teaser Trailer for 'Andor' Just Dropped

Diego Luna's character from "Rogue One" is getting its own series, and so far we are muy excited.

As most of us Star Wars fans (read: nerds) are anxiously awaiting Friday for the first two episodes of "Kenobi," Disney dropped one on us. Here is the trailer teaser for "Andor."

Estar Guars

A few days ago, I wrote a piece called "the force is strong with Latinos." It is terrific news to see a trailer for Andor. The Star Wars universe sure has a lot of Latino/x/a actors taking the reigns into the next generation, and it's glorious. "Rogue One" was such a great film. It retconned a small time gap in the Star Wars universe that went unexplored, and it did so without retconning anything in a way that felt contrived or cheap. It featured complex and original characters (as much as a science fiction Star Wars film can) and stood firmly on its own without much prior Star Wars lore to hold it up. Okay, as for the Darth Vader scene, I said MOSTLY without prior lore and nostalgia. Diego Luna is a terrific actor. He has excelled in all roles from small indie films to monstrous studio films like Star Wars.

What Separates "Andor" From Other Star Wars Media

I am the first Star Wars fan in line for lightsabers and Jedi fights. I love seeing the Skywalker saga and everything encapsulating the Jedi story. Star Wars has often relied too much on this draw, however. "Andor" (continuing from "Rogue One") should be fun because it will depend on new characters and a new story. It won't need to bring in fans with the strength of names like "Skywalker" or "Kenobi." This can be very refreshing for a Star Wars universe that has emptied the bottle of its older characters. I am beyond excited for a Latino (Mexican) to carry a Star Wars series again. ¡Vamos, Diego!