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The New Andor Trailer Just Dropped and It's Fire

As trailers go, this one looks really exciting. A revolution is coming.

Another trailer for the new Star Wars series, "Andor" just dropped today. Have you seen it? Here you go.

Diego Luna, one of the most popular Mexican actors out there, returns to the role of Cassian Andor. The show titled "Andor" is a prequel to the movie "Rogue One" and shows the earliest origins of the rebellion. The trailer shows us Andor's early life as a thief. We love seeing Latinos thrive. I especially love seeing Latinos thrive in the Star Wars universe.

The trailer also has an impressive cast. Anything with Stellan Skarsgård gets me excited. Skarsgård comes from a school of acting where they project believability into every role. From comic book films to Oscar winners, Skarsgård is a heavy hitter. We also see Forest Whitaker returning to the role of Saw Gerrera from "Rogue One." It is not lost on me that "Gerrera" is pretty close to the word "Guerrero" in Spanish, which means "warrior." It is not lost on me that one of the best lines in the trailer is Gerrera saying, "let's call it war."

In the trailer, it appears Andor has infiltrated the Empire. He's even seen in an Imperial officer's uniform.

"To steal from the Empire, you just walk in like you belong. They can't imagine that someone like me would ever get inside their house."

What's that old saying about bringing things down from the inside? The Odyssey seems relevant. Anyway. Adria Arjona is also introduced in the trailer. Arjona is a Puerto Rican actress known for her roles in "Morbius" and the most recent "Father of the Bride" remake.

One other thing I noticed that is sure to upset people who hate diversity is that the first four people in the trailer are persons of color. Diversity is important. Disney doesn't need kudos, but it's good to see the diversity coming into play.

"Andor" premieres the first three episodes on September 21st on Disney+.