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The Hot List: Celebrating 25 Latinos Shaping Sports and Pop Culture

Hispanic Heritage Month: En Fuego unveils the inaugural Hot List, a comprehensive list of those Latinos changing the world through power, prestige and passion.

If you were in a car or at a party or just had ear holes for more than a few minutes this summer, chances were good that you heard “Me Porto Bonito” or “Tití Me Preguntó.”

Actually, go ahead and put on any station on your presets and in a few minutes you’ll smash right back into them.

Now this isn’t to say that the summer belonged to Bad Bunny, it’s that American pop culture was again smitten with Latino flavor. That influence extends beyond the block party, road trip or movie premiere.

Latinos are shaping how and what we consume. It’s an undeniable wave of cultural influence that continues to shape entertainment at large.

The inaugural En Fuego Hot List is just that, a collection of people doing their thing. They’re living the dream, embracing their passion, and showing off what hard work can get you.