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That...Is Not Gladys Knight

Somebody made a mistake that is difficult to forgive.

At the US Open, commentator Chanda Rubin (and Tennis legend in her own right) misidentified legendary singer Dionne Warwick with Gladys Knight. Here is the clip.

The incident occurred during Serena Williams' second-round U.S. Open victory over second seed Anett Kontaveit. The clip naturally sparked some outrage, but Rubin offered an explanation for the mixup. She said she was looking at the court where she could see Knight with her own eyes, whereas the monitor was showing Knight.

It is a waste of time to argue over whether Rubin is being honest. I would think it's risky to not look at your monitors to avoid these kinds of situations, but it appears she is paying the price for that now. The thing is, the rest of the audio supports Rubin's explanation.

"Oh, got some more stars," Rubin said. Her male co-commentator interjected with,  "Gladys Knight!" Rubin then repeated. It really does sound like they're perusing the crowd instead of the monitor, and it makes sense.

After watching it a ton of times—I think she should get a pass for this mistake. It's painful to mix up two absolute legends (I could not find the pips in the audience, only Gladys) and because they are both two queens, the outrage is understandable. At least Rubin was able to properly identify the athletes competing. This clip from a 2018 Dodgers game comes to mind. As for Rubin, I say a little prayer for you.

Gladys Knight. That's not even Gladys Day! Oof. Sorry. I will save the puns and dad jokes for later.