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Ted Cruz Gets Booed At Astros Championship Parade

We have to give the Houston faithful some credit for booing Senator Ted Cruz.

Senator Ted Cruz is a polarizing figure at best. (Is that the right word?) During the Houston Astros World Series parade in Houston on Monday, the crowd was in good spirits. After all, the Astros just won their *second World Series title just a few days ago.

*denotes only one is legitimate.

As the parade went on, Cruz was moving through the crowd on a vehicle, waving. He was not met with a warm reception, however.

This has real, "how do you get fired on your day off" vibes. This is his "home state" and he sounds like he's back at Yankee Stadium last month.

Another video shows a beer can getting chucked at Cruz.

Houston police arrested the man who threw the beer can at Cruz. I have two thoughts.

1) Maybe the guy was just trying to hook up Cruz with a brewski for the Astros celebration?

2) Is there a Gofundme to get this King's bail paid off?


This could not have happened to a better person. We're talking about a guy who said that the allowance of same-sex marriage by the Supreme Court was the “very definition of tyranny.” He advocates for the controlling of women's bodies. He voted against pandemic relief. He has consistently proven time and again that he hates Americans and hates doing anything to help Americans.

As for getting pelted with a beer can—I don't necessarily condone violence. It is not fun to get stuff thrown at you. If Cruz does not want this to happen anymore, he can always flee Texas and head to Cancun. He has a history of doing that, anyway.