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Someone Explain to Us What Is Going on With Herschel Walker

Latest video has us wondering, what is going on? And ...why?

Herschel Walker, US Senate Candidate sounds like a scam. Or a joke? But someone is going to need to explain to us what the scam is or when we’re supposed to laugh because we’re missing the punchline. In fact, every time we see the name, or hear him talk, all we can do is go …huh?

The basic facts are this: Herschel Junior Walker, the former University of Georgia running back and Heisman Trophy winner, who played in the NFL for 12 seasons, is now running for the US Senate in Georgia. He is set to face incumbent Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock in the November 2022 general election. The reality of those facts is that Walker, who is running as a Republican, has proven to be a controversial figure so far, to say the least.

And it’s not even that he’s conservative. Or that his stated views – he first indicated he supported a total abortion ban without exceptions, but after reports that he paid for his then-girlfriend to get an abortion in 2009 surfaced, he indicated he was actually in favor of Georgia law – seem to contradict his actual actions. It’s that he doesn’t even seem to actually know what he believes in, or maybe that he’s very comfortable lying.

The latest controversy – or excuse for Walker to be Walker – came courtesy of the comedy show “Tooning Out the News.” In the clip, which has been widely shared online, Walker answers the phone and the host pretends to report a crime since Walker has claimed he is law enforcement. Walker’s response is worthy of a comedy show, except he doesn’t seem to be joking.

Once again, this clip begs the question – what’s Herschel Walker’s deal? He’s down in the polls right now, though not out, and yet his entire act seems to be very Trump-esque. Which, to be fair, worked for Trump, so maybe that’s what he’s going for? He’s even brought up the fact that he is an Honorary Power Ranger during campaign rallies, which is less impressive than he thinks and more like …okay, what?

But then again, that’s Herschel Walker in a nutshell. And we will likely be shaking our heads at him for a long time to come, no matter what ends up happening in November.