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Shaq Proves He Can Still Dunk...On Ye

Ye was at it again. Shaq was having no part of it.

I have a confession. A few years ago I muted the word "Kanye" and then the dude changed his name. It seems I will never be rid of a world where he is on my radar. Anyway. Ye (do I really have to call him that) continued his bizarre behavior on Twitter. I say bizarre in regards to his Twitter style. What he has been saying deserves a word far worse to describe the nefarious garbage he has been espousing. This time, he went after Shaquille O'Neal.

Shaq is in business with Jamie Salter Jaimie first said he’s 50/50 with David Beckham and 50/50 with Shaq I said “Jamie . . . There’s no such thing as 50/50 in business . . . Who has the extra 1 percent for the control and voting rights.”

First of all, there are ways around the voting rights on the boards of companies when something is owned 50/50. I am fairly certain West knows this, but I digress. O'Neal, who is quite the businessman, clapped back at West.

Believe me you don’t know me like that. Worry about your business, and to quote the once great Kanye west “I got more money than you, so why would i listen to you” take my advice get your family business in order. Have a great day brother.

O'Neal dunking on West is pretty great, especially when you remember how ferocious his literal dunks were. It is one thing to clap back at a guy, it is another to clap back using that man's own words against him. We will ignore that according to Google, West is worth more than O'Neal. After West's anti-semitic language and deplorable behavior as of late, there is a possibility his net worth has crumbled, but it does not matter. O'Neal put him in his place.