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Rob The Original Makes a Jorge Campos Masterpiece Out of Sand

Rob The Original pays homage to Mexican soccer legend Jorge Campos with a stunning display of sand and artistry.

Give Rob the Original a saltshaker and some time and he’ll make you something you will never forget.

Such was the case earlier this week when he took sand to table and crafted an iconic image, one Mexican soccer fans know very well—Jorge Campos standing in goal, ready to defend la selección Mexicana.

Go through Rob “The Original” Ferrel’s social feed and you’ll notice the versatility of his mediums. Give him ketchup or hot sauce and he’ll make you something that is pure fire.

But there is something about this particular substance that he enjoys. “They're all unique in their own way,” he tells En Fuego. "It’s wild. I love working with sand.”

His subject here is as renowned as they come. Campos played 13 years for the Mexican National Team, collecting 130 caps. His professional career is just as prolific, playing for such teams as Pumas UNAM for a collective two decades and dabbling in the MLS with stints with the Chicago Fire and the Los Angeles Galaxy.

The term iconic gets tossed around in sports lexicon, but with remarkable athletic ability and a diverse array of goalie kits, he is an unforgettable figure in soccer circles.

Rob is just glad to get the opportunity to create something that could combine football history and his own artistic journey. Getting that respect when you're one of eight kids who grew up in Southern California still feels pretty damn good.

“When I get it from people like Campos, that's a legend, to me is it's amazing,” he said. “It's an amazing feeling because I feel like, OK, just like they're respected for what they're doing, I'm respected for what I'm doing. So it's a great feeling.”

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Campos and Ferrel were in both in Beverly Hills at Misael Guerro’s westside Mamá por Dios, which is slated to open soon.

Both were celebrating the launch of some tasty new threads by adidas. The Mexican National Team has new rosa Mexicano colorways to flaunt. It was a moment to toast the present and look back at an illustrious past.

The party was put together by Joe Agency, which operates En Fuego. Also in attendance was the incomparable Carolina Ross who belted out classics like Cielito Lindo.

It was the perfect occasion to throw a little sand on a lasting legacy.