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Rob The Original Is The Baddest Man In The Art Game

En Fuego Access: Rob The Original takes us behind the scenes for his marijuana masterpiece created at a recent Fuerza Regida concert.

If you needed to make lemonade out of lemons, Rob the Original could probably help you there. He could also give you some help in creating TuPac out of shattered glass or Fuerza Regida’s Jesus Ortiz-Paz out of marijuana.

The maestro of the eclectic medium was back at it back in March when the Toyota Arena welcomed recording artist Fuerza Regida.

Rob the Original was nice enough to walk us through what a day looks like when you are tasked with a truly singular task. Bringing a portrait of lead singer Jesus Ortiz-Paz wouldn’t have the necessary wow factor if it weren’t given the true O.G. attention, which means using an unlikely medium to create something truly special.

In this case, the profile slowly came to life one marijuana bud at a time.

Rob the Original creates a one-of-a-kind marijuana portrait with a ridiculous amount of weed at his disposal.

But things don’t start off in the figurative and literal green room, they take place earlier in the day with a trip down the Home Depot aisle and through the mall to make sure the drip is right for later that night.

Style and function are never mutually exclusive to Rob the Original. Things should look dope regardless of whether they are a normal pane of glass, someone’s scalp, or hefty bags of weed.

I was fortunate enough to chat with Rob the Original in 2021, and his wisdom rings true today. When you watch him meticulously work in whatever medium is handy, it’s clear that his creativity knows no bounds, nor does his confidence in his craft.

“Don't follow other people's footsteps,” he cautions. There is a vitality to striking out on your own. What makes his art so powerful is precisely because it can come from anything. Ordinary items suddenly bloom into precious moments that live on or wilt and fade, but the creation has left an indelible mark.

He is quick to pass on the one thing that has guided his craft, which is to be true to himself.

“It's good to be inspired by other artists,” he explained. “Try to create your own lane."

“Be original, create your own lane, get inspired by other artists 100 percent. I mean, the way they work, you know, things like that. But when you create something that is yourself and it's dope, people like it.”

Rob the Original doesn’t tell me exactly why he loves to create through so many varied mediums. Perhaps it’s the nomad in him.

He was born in Los Angeles, moved to Tijuana when he was seven and a couple of years later left with his family to the Bay Area. He then moved to Texas before settling in Arizona.

He credits his love for art back to the time when he was about six and decided to recreate the little girl on the Morton salt container, her iconic umbrella shielding her from a fictional downpour.

The school he attended at the time put it up in the cafeteria and he was enamored with the feeling that his art was being appreciated.

All these years later, Rob the Original is still doing his thing in his way. And people are gleefully showing off the results.

“That's what people are going to notice," he continued. I mean, because you're not like anybody else. So, I think that just being unique is the best thing you can do.”