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The Reports of the Choco Taco’s Death Were Apparently Exaggerated

The Choco Taco lives! And yes, our complaints probably had something to do with it.

The Choco Taco lives, long live the Choco Taco.

Or well, at least it’s not dead and buried, and that’s enough for us and our sweet tooth. Hope, that’s all we wanted. Plus, like all things food-related, the Choco Taco’s absence from our lives might even make the heart grow fonder. And, perhaps, that was Klondike’s plan all along. And even if it wasn’t, they probably aren’t complaining about the fact that the one food item they thought no one cared about has gone viral and suddenly, everyone is a fan.

"We know this is disappointing - we’ve heard our fans, and we’re hoping to bring this favorite treat back to ice cream trucks in the coming years," the ice cream dessert maker said on Twitter, in response to a fan. Which means there’s hope! We just have to wait – and maybe stock up on the few Choco Tacos left? That is, if we can find them, because it sure feels like everyone on the internet has had the same thought.

Klondike originally announced the Choco Taco would be discontinued in July after nearly 40 years. The reasoning behind the move was a spike in demand for different Klondike products over the past two years. Basically, no one was buying Choco Tacos so they thought we didn’t want Choco Tacos. But as always, when you tell people they can’t have something, that’s exactly what they want, and after the news broke Choco Taco fans took to the internet to lament the loss of what was apparently their favorite treat all along.

The frozen treat consists of light vanilla ice cream encased in a taco-shaped waffle cone, partially covered with milk chocolate and topped with peanuts. It’s basically a comfort treat in the shape of a taco! How could Klondike ever believe we’d be okay with losing it for good?

At this point, though, the company is having fun with the move and milking it for all its worth, which means the Choco Taco’s future is bright. Yes, your tweets have probably played a part in the promise to bring the product back, so pat yourself in the back and then go laugh at the fact that the official Klondike twitter account even added: RIP Choco Taco 1983-2022 to their bio, and asked fans on the social media platform what they should do with the leftover stock. 

While the treat comes back, though, does anyone have a Choco Taco they’re willing to part with?