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Power Drinking: Ranking The 10 Most Iconic Mexican Beers Because You Look Thirsty

On Mexican Independence Day, I'm ranking the best Mexican beers.

¡Feliz día de la Independencia de México! Everybody loves a Mexican beer. If you don't drink, don't worry you have an exemption! If you dislike Mexican beer, no estamos hablando contigo. Sit this one out, and that's okay. I am going to rank the best Mexican beers.

Before I go right in, here is some full disclosure. This was really difficult. There are almost no Mexican beers I would not drink. The other thing is that in a few weeks, these rankings could change for me. Much like your favorite music—you have to rotate the regulars from time to time. I also tried to keep it to the ones you can find almost everywhere. Mexican craft beer is incredible and we are omitting that for now. Let's go. I asked on Twitter and got some terrific answers.

No. 10: Corona

Sorry. I could not put this anywhere but last. It has the skunkiest of aftertastes of all the Mexican beers. It is only tolerable with a lime. With that said, the clear bottle does this mass-produced beer no favors. If you have it fresh, it does taste way better than the way you normally find it.

No. 9: Sol

If you removed the metallic taste of Corona, you would get Sol. Sol is inoffensive but does not stand out. I recognize that all Mexican beer is typically relegated by beer snobs as "lawn-mowing beer," and Sol is the perfect example.

No. 8: Dos Equis

There are too many beers on this list to separate the lager from the Amber. If we were judging on the Amber alone, it would make it higher up the list. Dos Equis lager has a sweetness in its aftertaste that does not do it for me. It is like Mexico's version of Rolling Rock.

No. 7: Tecate

I was surprised to see this one ranked much higher by other people. When I was younger it was always the last choice, but recently it has moved up my list. It is maltier than a few other Mexican beers, but the malt isn't matched by the rest and you're left with a breadier flavor. This may be great for your tastes, though.

No. 6: Estrella Jalisco

My heart wants to rate this higher. My family roots are all from Jalisco and I always want to roll with it, but it is low in character. It's drinkable and has a little more flavor than Sol, but it is the very definition of neutral. It's a McBeer. It has an enjoyable malty nose, with sweet hints of corn. It is just fine and I often buy it for my bias more than anything.

No. 5: Victoria

Victoria is where the best Mexican beers start. It is very light on alcohol content (3.9 ABV) which is the only real strike against it. It has a nice balance of sweet versus bitter and has a beautiful color. The caramel malts really balance out the rest. It is a top-five choice.

No. 4: Carta Blanca

This is truly the most "slept on" beer of the bunch. It is the only common Mexican beer to have a little bit of hops flavor in the opening taste. If you have not had this one—find it. Fun thing: Carta Blanca bottles used to have a bottle-cap-sized indentation in the bottom of their bottles which meant you could open the bottle with another bottle. Loved it.

No. 3: Pacifico

Two things are blinding my judgment on this one. When I was in my early 20s, I drank this beer a lot. It did and still does remind me of the beach. It goes so well with fish. The other reason is that this was my late grandfather's favorite beer and I always think of him when I drink it. It *probably* belongs higher up the list for being less complex, but every time I order it I am happy. It is heftier than Corona and slightly more bitter in a pleasant way.

No. 2: Bohemia

This beer is elite. Both versions. The pilsner is a Czech style with a nice balance of sweet malts and floral, just barely bitter hops. Bohemia Oscura differs greatly because it is the darkest beer in Mexico among all these common brands. It pairs well with anything, but it is the least "lawn-mowing beer" of the bunch. It is very tasty.

No. 1: Modelo

Beer snobs may not love Modelo Especial, but they can sit there in their wrongness and get used to it. It is a perfect beer because you can sip it ice cold in the hot sun or order it with a nice meal. As for Negra Modelo, it is a masterpiece in Munich Dunkel-style dark beer made in Mexico. Both will leave you happy with your decision.

Last Thought

Did you agree with my rankings? If you did not, I will buy you a beer and you can forget you were mad.

¡Feliz día de la Independencia de México!