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Mortal Kombat's 30th Anniversary Reminds Us Why This Is The Best Franchise Ever

"Get over here!" and discover the legacy of Mortal Kombat.

Mortal Kombat has reached 30 years of history, being a project that was born as an arcade game in 1992, which has transcended beyond its borders, to become a billion-dollar franchise, which apparently is far from stopping.

Warner Bros. Games and NetherRealm are celebrating the 30th anniversary in style with a spectacular trailer featuring all the Mortal Kombat productions: video games, movies, animated series, and countless other moments.

As we shout "Mortal Koooombat!" to the sound of fast-paced techno, we take a look at the reasons why the franchise is more relevant than ever.

Both crude and humorous

It was because of Mortal Kombat that the ERSB was created, and then the M of Mature for video games has remained until today. MK applied his fatalities without fear of failure in a world where this was taboo, and since then, we are already used to seeing Sub-Zero ripping the spine off his opponents, or Johnny Cage decapitating someone with an upppercut.

The interesting thing is that, in the midst of so much blood and graphic content, Mortal Kombat also maintains a humorous tone throughout its games, where sarcasm also plays a fundamental role. We all remember Dan Forden appearing in the bottom-right corner of the screen shouting "Toasty!" in a falsetto, or Johnny Cage with his comic one-liners where he makes fun of himself.

Kickass storylines and characters

Rarely do we see a video game franchise that manages to maintain a good storyline over 30 years, and it is not an easy task. Ideas start to become scarce and it is difficult not to fall into redundancy.

The team led by Ed Boon continues to develop good narratives, from that rivalry between Sub-Zero and Scorpion, to Johnny Cage's daughter being relevant in the Mortal Kombat universe.

Mortal Kombat fans are always looking forward to what happens next, and many of them enjoy the storyline more than the games themselves.

MK became an icon of popular culture thanks to characters like Scorpion, with his iconic phrase "get over here!", the way they revolutionized the video game industry and their authentic way of doing things.

Motion capture pioneers

At a time when it was standard practice to design video game characters digitally, the Mortal Kombat development team, made up of only four people, wanted to go further, changing the gaming industry forever.

They used real actors to bring their characters to life, photographing them in multiple angles and motions, and then digitized them to give that real-feeling to the game.


We have seen that many games with good original ideas remain in time for lack of being able to reinvent themselves. There is the example of Street Fighter, which has been recycled for years without offering anything new and living on nostalgia.

Mortal Kombat has somehow adapted to the trends of each decade, making necessary changes but without altering its essence as a franchise.

That is why, to this day, fans around the world are still waiting to see when the next game or movie will be released, because they know that Ed Boon and his team will surprise them with something new.

It's easy to say, but to stay at the top for 30 years, by far the best fighting game in the world, after going through multiple generations of consoles, is worthy of admiration.