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May The Fourth Be With You With The Most Underrated Star Wars Moments Ever

Star Wars Day has arrived, so it's time to pay homage to the greatest franchise in movie history.

I have been waiting to write this piece my entire nerdy life. I was in high school when the prequels came out and I was that kid. I walked a mile to the nearest theater after school to watch "The Phantom Menace." I paid eight dollars for a bootleg VHS copy of the same movie before the it was officially released on video. (Kids, VHS was this large cartridge that...nevermind) I read all the novelizations, the non-canon novels, had collector items, and played with imaginary light-sabers, all of it. 

Star Wars fans are notoriously picky, and that's putting it kindly. These are just my favorites or ones that I think get overlooked. Enjoy it for what it is (another thing Star Wars fans are bad at) and get into the spirit of it. That's all I ask. Remember, these are underrated scenes, not ones that are universally accepted as the best.

Last Shot of "The Last Jedi"

This is arguably the most controversial film in the Star Wars franchise. I think it's a fantastic film with minor flaws. Just minor ones. As a story it's brilliantly told and even if the symbolism is a little heavy-handed, it's beautiful. The last shot of the film is possibly my favorite because it's only meant to be a symbol. It's just a piece of art. It's a boy holding a broom, looking out to his galaxy. It's reminiscent of Luke Skywalker looking out into the distance in the original film. This character doesn't become the next powerful Jedi or the protagonist in the next film. It shows him being force-sensitive and that's all we see. It's a shot that shows hope and longing. It's meant to represent all of us. It also uses the most beautiful piece of music ever used in a film. I said it. "Binary Sunset" is the most beautiful piece of music ever composed for a film.

Millennium Falcon Flies Again 

The Force Awakens is often referred to as the blandest of the newer trilogy. That may be true, but it has some terrific scenes. The scene with the Millenium Falcon flying again captivated me the first moment I saw it in the trailer years ago. The sound of the scene is incredible, the flying scenes are riveting, and after the saturated CGI of the prequel trilogy, these updated graphics were terrific. This scene was the first of the newer films to give me that excited feeling I had as a child. 

Yoda Spells Out Anakin's Entire Story Arc 

The Phantom Menace has some terrific scenes. It is a true mix of good and bad. "Duel of the Fates" (good) versus Jar Jar Binks. One of the better scenes involves Anakin Skywalker meeting the Jedi council. As only a group of clairvoyant force-masters can, they see through Anakin. Yoda in particular senses Anakin's strongest feelings of fear about his mother. With one quote, Yoda tells the audience about Anakin's entire storyline. 

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

Chilling and true.

Leia's First Scene Where She's Force Sensitive

It's hard to include a scene from "The Empire Strikes Back" when it's the most critically and universally beloved film from the entire medium. Leia's first scene where she's force sensitive is often overlooked. It's unfair and Leia deserves more credit as one of the best characters in the entire Star Wars universe. In this scene, she feels the force through Luke's desperation. It's a beautiful scene.

Scenes I Didn't Include

I wanted to choose scenes from only the theatrical films. There are a lot of scenes from "The Mandalorian," "The Book of Bobba Fett," and "The Clone Wars" that could have made it. What I will list here are a few honorable mentions that are already properly rated.

Palpatine's Terrifyingly Charismatic Speech As He Assumes Power. 

Paige Tico's Ultimate Sacrifice

Darth Vader Kicks So Much Ass

"It's A Trap!"

The last thing I'll include is a special video. Luke Skywalker's appearance in season two of The Mandalorian is one of the best scenes in Star Wars media. Somebody took that video and added the original force theme (Binary Sunset themes) and it's really beautiful. 

What Did You Think?

What scenes were you hoping for? Did you think the scenes I included were bad? Let us know on Twitter! @EnFuegoNow and @AJontheguitar.