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Apparently It's Kyle Kuzma Fashion Week

Kyle Kuzma has had some fashion-forward fits during his career.

Kyle Kuzma has always been on the cutting edge of fashion since he first came into the NBA. Some of you may say his sense of fashion is ridiculous—and that is a valid opinion. When anyone pushes the limits of what is acceptable, it is met with a combination of admiration and derision. That is just the way it works. Regardless of how you feel about Kuzma's fits, you cannot say he is not bold and brave in what he tries.

Check out his most recent offering at New York Fashion Week.

I'm not going to lie. The first thing I thought was, "Assassin's Creed: Fubu JNCO." It is a bold choice (is bold the right word?) Kuzma does not care about your teasing, though. He's breaking wind, I mean windbreaking, with this look. Everyone is talking about Disney casting a black Ariel, but Kuzma was clearly trying out for the part of Ursula.

Kuzma has always been fashion-forward. Remember this?

I think he looks like the coolest inflatable tube man I have ever seen. It's a unique look. In a few years, if this look becomes more commonplace, Kuzma is going to seem like a visionary. Even if it doesn't, Kuzma's fashion sense at least has your attention, and that is the idea. I had fun poking fun at his look, but I dress like a cliche dad in a family movie, so what the hell do I know?

The best shooters in the NBA hit from 25%-45% from beyond the arc, so Kuzma's fit is not going to be fire every time. Give the guy a break.