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Kobe And Gianna Bryant's Legacy Lives On In Beautiful Ways

The legacy of Mamba and Mambacita continues to live on through popularity and fashion.

It's been over two years since Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant, and seven other souls were lost in a tragic helicopter crash. Fans of Kobe and Gigi have been devastated ever since, as well as the families (obviously) and there isn't a day that our hearts don't go out to the families who lost their loved ones that day. Kobe and Gigi's legacy has lived on and grown since then, however. For Kobe, that popularity has never waned, especially with his Nike shoe brand.

It's a testament to Bryant's NBA legacy, and to Nike for making some great-looking and feeling shoes. NBA players enjoy them and continue to wear them. I wore mine just the other day. Nike is doing a wonderful thing with the next Mamba shoes: dedicating them to Gigi. Take a gander at the “Mambacita Sweet 16” Kobe 6. These are set to release on 5/1, which would have been Gigi's 16th birthday.

Those shoes are, as the kids would say, (I think) straight fire. I'm not using a damn emoji, though. I would like a pair of those shoes, please, and thank you. Gigi's memory isn't just being honored this summer with shoes, you can now cop some Gigi-inspired fashion.

"By popular demand through your DMs and emails, we’re bringing back the MAMBACITA x DANNIJO collection to celebrate Gianna’s upcoming birthday on 5/1 💜 Link in bio to shop the collection now!  Thank you @dannijo for your continued support & partnership. And from the bottom of our hearts, thank you to the fans and followers that support the foundation to keep Gianna & Kobe’s legacy alive."

Mamba and Mambacita

I grew up idolizing Kobe Bryant. Kobe and Gigi's death was hard on Laker fans. I personally have never taken the death of someone I did not know so hard. I remember that day, and so do millions of fans across the world. I'm going to enjoy anything released in their memory, regardless of fashion. All the same, these shoes and clothing line pieces are terrific. Mamba forever.