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Here's The Recipe for the Jorge Campos-Approved Rob The Original Tequila Cocktail

Rob The Original creates another masterpiece with this tequila driven concoction enjoyed by the legend Jorge Campos.

What happens when you get one of the most gifted artists around to tend bar for a football legend?

Drinks ensue.

Jorge Campos, that dude who was an unrelenting save machine for 13 years for the Mexico National Team stopped by the soon-to-be-opened Beverly Hills rendition of Mamá por Dios.

Before trying some of the best chef Misael Guerrero has to offer, he celebrated a toast with one of the most imaginative artists out there.

Rob the Original’s Paloma

The great things in life come by way of beautiful simplicity.

  • Take your most festive glass and fill it with ice.
  • Drop-in a squeeze of lime then drop in a pinch of salt.
  • Fill your glass three-quarters the way with grapefruit soda.
  • Then top off with a shot of tequila (amount depends on your level of party).

Rob The Original and Campos were in attendance at the recent adidas launch party celebrating the new Mexican National Team Rosa Mexicano kits.

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The artist who was there to also put together a sweet Campos-inspired mural is renowned for his barber wizardry, paintings, and more recently his foray into tattooing.

The party was put together by Joe Agency, which operates En Fuego.