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‘This Is Us’ Star Helps Launch Fund To Address Latinx Representation in Hollywood

Jon Huertas is stepping up for Latinos and bringing his fellow cast along with him.

Latinos make up a large and growing part of the American population. Only, you wouldn’t know that by turning on the TV or streaming your shows.

Actor Jon Huertas is doing his part to change the American pop culture landscape with a partnership that aims to bring Latino representation to the heart of the creative process.

Deadline reports that Huertas, alongside many of his “This Is Us” castmates and show creator Dan Fogelman, is partnering with Nosotros to fund Somos Nosotros, a scholarship that will help support Latinx students with hopes of bringing their creativity to screen.

“The primary directives of the Somos Nosotros fund is to solidify and build on Nosotros’ current initiatives while creating more opportunities to foster Latinx talent,” Nosotros President Joel M. Gonzales explained to Deadline. “The initiation of this fund serves as an inaugural partnership between Huertas and Nosotros where he will serve in a high-visibility Advisory role alongside Nosotros’ already well-established leadership.”

Creating more opportunities is paramount as Latinos remain remarkably underrepresented in Hollywood and beyond.

A congressional report discovered in 2019 that only 8% of those working in newspaper, periodical and book publishers were Latino.

More recently, Dr. Ana-Christina Ramón, the director of research and civic engagement at UCLA's division of social science, highlighted the disparity present in media today.

When it comes to TV and Film, representation is lacking. According to an NBC News report on Ramón's findings, “industries in which Latinos account for only about 5 percent to 6 percent of main cast members, even though they make up nearly 19 percent of the nation's population.”

Making an impact will take an inclusive effort. One part not to be missed about the recent Somos Nosotros news is that Huertas welcomes his fellow cast to the mission.

Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K. Brown, Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz, Chris Sullivan, and Susan Kelechi Watson will join the cause.

“We’re going to continue to fundraise every year,” said Huertas, via Deadline. “We’re starting an advisory committee for the fund so we can keep this going for the next 20 or 30 years. 

"It would be nice to reach a point where we won’t need something like this one day but until we do, we as Nosotros will continue to fundraise and contribute to this fund as deeply as we can continue to develop programs and initiatives for the Latinx community which is very important to me.”

Our stories are varied and diverse. They are as universal as any being told in Hollywood. Yet the lack of representation is concerning because it doesn’t just rob the world of amazing stories, it silences those young storytellers who don’t realize early on that they too can make a difference in Hollywood.