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Iconic 'Sabado Gigante' Finally Gets Full Docuseries Treatment

The record-breaking show and cultural touchstone will get a streaming rollout that will dive into the rich “Sabado Gigante” history.

Latino households, like most homes, are filled with traditions, family pictures, the aroma of a weekend dish being prepared. And the unmistakable sound of “Sabado Gigante” from the living room.

Now that bit of nostalgia will get a streaming homage in the form of a four-part series played out on Hulu for American audiences, Star+ in Latin America, and Disney+ in all other territories.

And, yes, the man himself will be front and center as he should. Don Francisco (Mario Kreutzberger) is being promised via interviews throughout the series.

At 81, the man from Talca, Chile, is renowned for his humor and familiarity. He was, after all, a major part of the Spanish-speaking weekend for more than 50 years.

“I’m at a time in my life where it is more interesting looking backward,” Kreutzberger said, via press release. “Where I have the full perspective of not only my 60 years as a professional but also where I’m able to fully analyze Don Francisco and ‘Sabado Gigante’’s record-breaking run and what it meant to so many people. I’m beyond happy to have the opportunity to tell the story with this amazing team and thankful to Onyx for helping us bring our show to a brand new audience.”

The series is put together as a collaboration thanks to Onyx Collective and will be produced by Foton Pictures and Trojan Horse.

The show ran for a record-breaking 53 years, which is the most for a variety show. And variety is the perfect way to describe something that was part game show, part talk show and part comedy showcase.

Kreutzberger spoke with CNN in 2015 as the curtain was setting on the long-running and much-beloved show.

He described it perfectly as a soup with many ingredients coming together. Some weeks there might be a bit more of this, and some weeks there might be more of that. “But at the end, it always has the same flavor,” he said at the time.

For people who share a common language, Latinos make up a remarkably vast and varied set of cultures. But something like this show was one of many unifying programs.

“Hispanics. Latinos. Latinx. Whatever you may call us or whatever we may call ourselves, so few people understand who we are and where we came from — including us,” says executive producer Kareem Tabsch. “‘Gigante’ is the definitive Latino origin story told through the lens of ‘Sabado Gigante,’ one of the most beloved programs in the Spanish-speaking world and a staple in all our homes. The series will tell how a Chilean Jewish immigrant in Miami managed to shape the way that millions of other immigrants from dozens of nationalities across the Western Hemisphere identified themselves, bringing us all closer together and forever changing the face of the United States and Latin America in the process.”

As of this writing there was no official air date for the show.