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Hot Dogs And Beer Guy and Other Baseball Fans Who Need Their Food Card Revoked

Another weekend of sports where somebody was caught on camera eating their food...uniquely.

One of my favorite fictional characters Toby Ziegler (from the show "The West Wing") was a huge New York Yankees Fan. He had some great quotes on baseball.

"I've been to 441 baseball games at Yankee stadium; there's not a single person there who's ordinary."

Indeed, Mr. Ziegler. Check out the clip of this fan using a hot dog as a tool instead of a tasty ballgame snack.

Oh, come on. Everybody knows about the popular "hot dog straw," right? Just this guy? Yeah, it's definitely just this guy. Using a hot dog as a straw is...unique to say the least. Using a straw to drink a beer is also unique. Using a hot dog straw to drink a beer is just plain chaotic. It is. I have tried not to judge throughout the first 125 words here, but...


Other Fans Caught Eating...

On the other hand, it is a little weird to be filming a guy just going about his business and enjoying a ball game. Enjoying a ballgame with a freaking hot dog-beer straw. This got me thinking. Do you remember some other moments like these? I do.

I suppose this has to qualify for "less weird" than the hot dog beer straw. The only question I have is—don't they offer barbecue sauce with those tendies? Why dip it in soda? At least dipping fries into a Wendy's frosty is a "thing."

This next one is so gross it needs a warning, so here it is.

Warning. This next clip has a Padres fan.

"Hey, mom what's for dinner? Go up your nose and pick a winner!"

That one wins. Gross.