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Holy Stereotypes, Great British Bake Off!

That wasn't even close to okay.

To no one’s surprise, "Great British Bake Off" doing Mexican Week wasn’t really a good idea. But did anyone think it was going to be this much of a trainwreck? The answer is probably no.

In theory, the idea for the “Mexican Week” episode of the reality competition series, which aired in the UK on Tuesday and was released in the US on Friday, was to have contestants make Mexican dishes – pan dulce, tacos, and tres leches. 

So far, so good. There were still ways to make that a mess of stereotypes, but the dishes themselves aren’t the problem. The hosts were. Or, perhaps, it was the hosts’ decision to lean into the stereotypes as a way of …making fun of stereotypes?

To be honest, it’s hard to tell what the idea behind hosts Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas wearing sombreros and serapes while exchanging quips about the fact that people might find their offensive jokes offensive was. Let’s not even go into the maracas, the Xanadu reference, or the butchering of Spanish words most people actually know how to pronounce. “Is Mexico a real place?” isn’t exactly a funny joke when you’re doing Mexican Week. Or, you know, ever. Especially coming from these hosts.

Here are some snippets from the show. 

It’s as simple as this, Mexicans – and even Latinos to some extent – can make fun of these things, in the same way, I can make fun of my sister and you can’t. 

Anyone else tries it, well …that’s just going to cause problems. Stick to what you know, Great British Bake Off. It’s clearly not comedy – or Mexican dishes.