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Rejoice, GTA 6 Will Have A Latina Lead Based In Miami

This will be very exciting when it's eventually released in 2045.

Rockstar's baby, Grand Theft Auto, has been through many changes since its first released game way back in 1997. In those 25 years, American society has also been through a lot of changes. One of the big changes for the next Grand Theft Auto title (just called Grand Theft Auto 6 for now) is changing the protagonist option. That's right, Grand Theft Auto is getting a Latina lead.

Changing A Toxic Culture

Grand Theft Auto games have been lauded for their scale, size, graphics, storyline, and satirical humor. GTA games have also always been at the forefront of controversy for their extreme violence and attitude towards said violence, as well as the misogyny their storylines often treat their female characters. Rockstar itself has been through a journey of what was said to be a toxic working culture. Between allegations of abuse and forced brutal overtime, the culture inside needed to change before the content and product also changed. The misogyny followed these games into its most recent and biggest release, Grand Theft Auto V.


The long-forgotten 2008 release has my favorite storyline of any of the GTA games. It had a terrific main character in Nico Bellic, everyone's favorite secondary (and nonplayable character) in his cousin, Roman Bellic, as well. I've suddenly got the biggest urge to go bowling. Anyway. It had a terrific storyline. It may be controversial, but it is by far a better story than the one for GTA V. This story did not treat its female characters well though, and it isn't arguable. Most female characters in GTA IV were either sexual objects, cheap tropes, or plot device changes for the male leads.


GTA's most popular and lucrative release, GTA V, was also plagued by the same problems. Forget not having any female leads, a lot of the humor was misogynistic and did not serve a society progressing in the decade. At best, some of the women in the game are damsels in distress, and at worse, they are objects which they were the carnal reward for beating a particular mission.

2022 Lens

As our society has attempted to become more progressive (I'm not referring to our political scale as that is an entirely different story) it was always clear that Rockstar was going to have to improve its content to match it. With the announcement yesterday, "GTA VI will star a pair of characters loosely inspired by the infamous robber duo Bonnie and Clyde." The female character is going to be a Latina and it will take place in the Miami and greater Florida area. GTA V did a wonderful job of making a Los Angeles scale with the rest of California stereotypes glued into the outdoor areas. I would imagine the same will go with Latinx-heavy Miami versus everglade-panhandle Florida.

There are only a few big looming questions.

How 'woke' will the storyline go? Personally, I think it is easy to keep the scathing level of satire that GTA is famous for without delving into misogyny and transphobic jokes. GTA is quite talented at lampooning our violent society within the framework of a violent game. Taking it a step further on the satirical scale only serves the game series well, and punching upward should hopefully be a natural progression.

I look forward to playing this game when it eventually comes out when I'm collecting social security...